Solar Eclipse

As you know, on Monday there will be a solar eclipse visible in our area. Our district administrative team has discussed how to make the most use of the educational opportunity that this event provides while keeping the safety and welfare of students in mind. Each building has planned their own activities specific to the unique needs of the students. 

Each student will have the opportunity to experience the eclipse through media (live streaming). Some students may have the opportunity to view the eclipse with approved viewing tools (special glasses, "pin hole" apparatus, etc.). 

Your child's school/teacher will notify you if viewing of the actual eclipse will be an option. If you are notified that your child's teacher will be providing the opportunity to view the eclipse outside, you may choose to not allow your child to participate by notifying the teacher/school. Some schools may require a permission slip in order to view the eclipse. Just check with your child's school. 

We have many students who must be outside as they travel to lunch rooms or other classes. We strongly recommend that you discuss safety precautions with your child in advance.

*Vilonia Middle School will be providing approved safety glasses to all VMS
students to view the eclipse on Monday. Please discuss safety precautions
with your child in advance. If you do not want your child to participate in
this event, please send a note to your child’s science teacher by Monday.

Evan BeaversVHS, FA, VMS, FMIS, VES, VPS