Meet the Eagles Family Night

WHAT: The EPIC Meet the Eagles - Soaring to New Heights Family Event is a celebration of  Vilonia School District. The event will begin with a processional of school leaders and staff, and school groups accompanied by the Vilonia HS Band and end with a time of games, food, spirit gear and fun.

WHY: This is an opportunity to meet and greet the school groups across the district that create spirit and pride for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

WHO: Schools, Organizations, Sport Teams, Leadership Teams, Vilonia Board of Education

WHEN: Thursday, August 24, 2017, 6:00-7:30 PM

WHERE: VHS Athletic Field

Processional Info:

Meet the Eagles Processional will begin with groups centered on the 50 yard line with the Vilonia High School Band lined up on both sides. The groups will pass through, pause at the front and line back up on the track returning to their original position.

Right Side of Track: Vilonia School Board, Leadership Teams, VELC, VPS, VES, and FMIS and their staff/organizations/teams

Left Side of Track VMS, VFA and VHS and their staff/organizations/teams


5:00 School and Organizational Tents on track and Concessions in concession area will be set up

5:15 Cheerleader Attendants Meet on Track

5:30 VHS Band, School Board, Leadership, School Groups Line Up on Field at Designated Points on Track

5:45 Band Begins Music

6:00 PM Master of Ceremonies Mr. Franco Welcomes the Crowd -  Announces the VHS Band VHS Band Plays The Star Spangled Banner (Everyone Stands)

6:05 Processional Begins to Music Played by VHS Band -  Board, Leadership, and Schools Announced by Mr. Franco. Each group should pause at the Front mark and wait to be introduced.

Processional Line-Up - more teams to come!

Right Side of Track

1.Vilonia Board of Education 

2.Superintendent & Assistant Superintendent w/Central Office Staff

3. Curriculum Directors

4. Special Ed Directors w Vilonia Special Services Staff &Therapists

5. Athletic Director,Finance Director, Technology Director, Eagles Landing          Director, Talented & Gifted Coordinator, Testing Coordinator, ELL Staff

6. Parent Training Center Staff, Maintenance Administrative Assistants & Copy Room Staff, 

7. Food Service Director and 38 Food Service Workers

8. Transportation Directors and Bus Drivers

9. Maintenance Director and Staff

10.Parent Support Organizations, PTO, Band Boosters, FB & BB Foundations 

11. Vilonia Early Learning Center

12. Vilonia Primary School

13. Vilonia Elementary School

14. Frank Mitchell Intermediate School - Special Olympics(Coach Norwood)

Left Side of Track

15. Vilonia Middle School - 60 8th grade football team (Coach Black) Special Olympics (Coach Noel)

16.Vilonia Freshman Academy 35 9th grade football team (Coach Morris & Coach Sisson)

17. Vilonia High School FFA 100 (Ms. Griffin, Mr. Dewey, Mr. McCain),  Girls Soccer -35 (Coach Riba) Special Olympics -Coach Standridge, Men's Basketball (Coach Goers), Men's Baseball (Coach Wallace), Men's Football -75 (Coach Young)

After processional - Vilonia Community is invited to stay for food, fun, and spirit gear.


Food must stay in the concession area. No food or drink are allowed on the field.

Gwatney Chevrolet Big Red Grilling Team will be providing a hot dog, chip, water basket for a suggested donation of $3 to benefit E.P.I.C. - Encouraging People in Inclusive Environments!

VHS Band - Hamburgers, Popcorn, Candy, Cold Drinks

FMIS - Kona Ice 

VPS - Cotton Candy Stand.

Tents (Shade Canopy):

Tents will be provided by organizations and set up from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Tents will be used to showcase the organization and will provide a marker for lining up and games.


Games will take place at the tent/canopies and on the field near the tent area. All organizations must be responsible for picking up the tent area and corresponding field before they leave. School and sports gear can be sold at tents. Each tent should have an activity that is fun such as football or basketball toss, mini obstacle course with top time winning, etc. Prizes are the responsibility of each tent. Tickets can be given out and a drawing held for a prize that can be delivered to the student at  school the next day.

Individual Group/Team Information:

Please e-mail your principal which groups will be represented and if a tent will used. School groups should wear an identifying shirt or have signs or symbols to identify that they can wave to make their group stand out. All groups need to have a sponsor/coach present to keep the groups organized. Elementary and primary teams will wear their uniforms and walk with the school they attend. There needs to be an adult present to organize each group.

Any teacher can organize a group but must be responsible for their group. Students should wear a matching identifier (example: same color t-shirt, sunglasses, leis, signs, etc) so we know which group/teacher they belong  for the processional. Parents must claim their children from the teacher/sponsor after the event on the track after the processional.

Meet the Eagles Family Night is a collaboration of ideas from administrators, teachers, and parents. This collaboration is open - all great ideas are a result of all of us coming together to acknowledge the power of WE - which is what this event celebrates! Thanks for all the ideas given and those to come!

Welcome to the First Annual Ever Vilonia Schools EPIC Meet the Eagles Soaring to New Heights Family Night!!!