Vilonia Special Olympics Team Brings Home Medals

Vilonia Special Olympians went to Conway High School Saturday, April 14th for Area 17 Spring Games. We had students from FMIS, VMS, VFA and VHS participate. They brought home 11 Gold medals, 9 Silver medals and 5 Bronze medals. Participants were:

Emily Prosser, Payton Chivers and Dakota Durkin from FMIS. 

Alex Horne, Savannah Ferrin, Joshua Shaver and Lana Laird from VMS.

Luke Taylor and Gage Bracas from VFA. 

Emily Standridge, BJ McNew and Jessy Martin from VHS.

Emily Standridge from VHS was one of four chosen to be a torch runner  during the opening ceremony. Special thanks to student volunteers Rhae Ann Canitz, Hunter Noel, Jaxson Gilliam and Matthew Bridgman.

Special Olympics Team
Evan BeaversVHS, FMIS, VMS