FMIS Parent/Teacher Conferences

Frank Mitchell Intermediate School

2018-19 P/T Conferences

September 25th & 27th (4:00PM - 7:00PM)

Dear FMIS Parents and Guardians,

Reporting student progress is an essential part of the communication and partnership process between home and school. We feel it is our professional responsibility to provide parents and students with complete and useful information that thoughtfully reflects the fullness of the learning process. Parents and students should have information that accurately reflects students’ levels of performance and their progress in meeting academic standards. Report cards should provide a “snapshot” of student learning reflecting grade-level expectations/standards, student achievement and progress, and where support is needed. Learning is the message we wish to communicate to both parents and students. Students should be evaluated on their individual progress toward achieving the standards and skills of their grade level. So, as we strive to become better at providing you a “snapshot”, you will notice a few changes in how we conduct our parent/teacher conferences and what information you receive. Our goal at FMIS is to communicate with you more than just a letter grade. We will still provide you a letter grade, but we strongly encourage you to ask your child’s teachers four questions so that you can gain a richer understanding of what exactly your child is learning. These questions are:

-What assessments have you given my child since the start of school?

-What grade level essential standards did these assessments check?

-How did my child do specifically on these assessments?

-What did you do if the assessment showed that they already knew it, or what did you do if it showed they didn’t?

Note: If you have never used our Eschool Home Access Center than we encourage you to stop by the office for your child’s account username and password. Then, you can immediately go into our counselors office to access it. This is the way to check your child’s grades/attendance/parent contact information/etc. with the link that’s found under the parents tab on our district website.

Evan BeaversFMIS