All State Choir Qualifiers

Making the All-State choir is a huge honor for high school students (grades 9-12). These students placed in the top chairs during their All-Region auditions in the Fall and were eligible to audition for a spot in the state choir. They earn their spot by preparing additional music and sight reading for a panel of judges during a blind audition. Those who score high enough have the honor of singing in an elite choral ensemble at the All-State Music Convention in Hot Springs, with students from across the state. We will be traveling to the convention center to attend their rehearsals and clinics. There they will learn under esteemed and nationally recognized choral directors and perform their concert on the final day. These students are making musical memories that will last a lifetime.

Anastacia Heer, Soprano 2, 12th Grade

Brady Ussery, Bass 2, 9th Grade

Alissa Gordon, Alto 1, 9th Grade

Turner Holland, Tenor 2, 12th Grade

Noah DeHaan, Tenor 1, 9th Grade

Evan BeaversVHS, FA