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Gifted & Talented

Vilonia School District offers a comprehensive gifted and talented program for students in grades K-12.  Grades K-2 learn in  weekly whole-group enrichment with a certified gifted specialist. The Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) Program forms the basis for this curriculum, using logic, analysis, elaboration, invention, visual and spatial perception, and evaluative thinking. Students also participate in STEM activities.

Referrals are taken from teachers, parents, students, etc. for consideration  at any time after a student enters school for the pull-out gifted program in grades 3-5. After the identification process, students who are placed attend CLUE (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment) class for a minimum of 150 minutes per week with the gifted specialist on their campus.  

When identified gifted students enter grades 6-12, a variety of pre-AP, AP, concurrent college, and honors courses are offered.  Student progress continues to be monitored as the identified students advance through the grades.  

Any questions about our gifted program may be directed to Karen Millsap, Gifted and Talented Coordinator/Specialist.  

Karen Millsap, Gifted and Talented Coordinator/Specialist 

501 796 4643

1. Referral Steps

  • Teacher Referral
    • Staff development on characteristics and identification of gifted and talented students is provided for all teachers.
    • A request is made at various times during the year for teacher referrals.
  • Parent/Community Referrals
    • Awareness of the program is provided at public meetings held by the school year year.
    • Information and referral forms are made available to parents throughout the year.

    • Referral forms are available to all school district residents, giving them the opportunity to refer students for the program.

  • Peer/Self Referrals

    • Peer/Self Referral forms are available to all students according to district policy.

  • Standardized Test Referrals

    • School-wide standardized achievement/ability tests are screened each year to bring any student of high ability and/or achievement under consideration for the program.

  • Transfer Student Referrals

    • Transfer Students, after confirmation of participation from their previous school, will be evaluated and considered for participation, but not automatically placed.

  • Ongoing Referral Process

    • Although referrals are formally requested once a year, student referrals are accepted at any time during the school year. Testing will be completed in a timely fashion.

2. Student Assessment

3. Student Placement