Welcome military families!

Life on the move can be stressful for military families with orders in hand and a big to-do list in front of them. Take a deep breath and know that making things easier for you and yours is a priority for the staff and teachers in the Vilonia School District.  We appreciate your service and are grateful for your commitment. We are a bedroom community to the Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville (20 to 30 minutes away). As well, we are about 30 minutes from Camp Robinson in Little Rock.  The VA hospital in Little Rock also offers medical facilities and services for service members.

We have teachers on staff with spouses serving in the military—some serving overseas. We are accustomed to working with military families. Our teachers and our students are also used to seeing parents wearing military uniforms on their campuses.

We know that military families and military children are amongst the most transient of populations. It is not uncommon, we also know, for kids who have grown up in military families to have been in 5, 7 or 9 different schools by the end of their high school career.

On that note, we recognize military families have special needs and we are available to help with any issues in transferring school records, as well as immunization information, graduation requirements, finding accommodations for children with special needs and helping parents get into contact with other military families. Also, each school campus has special programs to help new students integrate, feel comfortable and get to know the other students.

Type of school –We are a public school with a population of about 3,100 students. We have five campuses including Vilonia High School, Vilonia Junior High School, Vilonia Middle School and Academy of Technology,   Vilonia Primary School and Academy of Technology and Vilonia Elementary School. You are welcome to tour our campuses.  

The size of a classroom – The ADE has established standards for class size for all public schools is Arkansas to maintain accreditation. Kg not more than 20/class1-3 not more than 25/class; 4-6 not more than 28/class; 7-12 not more than 150 students; exceptions are Band, Athletics, etc.  

The use of a standardized curriculum –Schools in Arkansas are transitioning from the Arkansas Frameworks to the Common Core Standards that 44 states have already implemented.  Teachers then put in place a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students.   This means that students are being taught from the same standards from state to state.

Qualifications of teachers – The Vilonia School District is very proud of the teachers that are committed to the students of the community.  Teachers are required to complete a program of study and meet the guidelines of the ADE in obtaining a license.  Teachers are the most important part of a child’s instructional environment.

School’s AYP performance – The Arkansas Dept. of Education holds schools accountable through the implementation of state mandated assessments in literacy and math.  Schools must show improvement on the assessments that are administered each spring.  If test scores improve AYP has been achieved by the school.  However, if the test scores do not show improvement schools will fall on school improvement.  Currently all of the Vilonia Schools have stayed off of school improvement.
Extracurricular activities – The Vilonia Schools offer a variety of activities for students.  They include: FBLA, Athletics, Cheerleading, Band, Beta, FFA, Fire Marshalls, Student Council, Journalism, Mu Alpha Theta, HOSA, FCA, Drama, EAST, Quiz Bowl, FCCLA

Safe operation – The safety of all students is the number one priority of the Vilonia School District.  From the time students arrive at school to the time students are dismissed they are monitored with the focus on safety in the classroom.

Well-trained and quality staff – Each and every staff member of the Vilonia School District is a dedicated person that focuses on students.  Bus drivers, custodians, maintenance, clerical, cafeteria workers, and paraprofessionals are all quality staff that supports the instruction of all students.

Parent involvement opportunities and/or active parent groups –The Vilonia School District wants parents to be involved in their child’s education.  There are numerous activities to help promote parent involvement. Participating in Parent/Teacher Conferences, Involvement in PTA, Donuts for Dads, Chili Supper, Coffee House and Family Literacy. All you have to do is ask your teacher(s) how you can volunteer and be a part of your child’s education.