The Vilonia High School art program consists of Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV, Design I, Design II, and Paper Structures I. The young artists win many awards each year. We currently have five art works hanging at the Governor’s mansion. We also have one young artist’s work hanging in Washington, D.C. At the ASU Beebe State Art competition last year, Vilonia High artists won 8 awards, out of the ten sent to the competition. In the Tim Griffin Congressional Art Competition, we placed first, second, and fourth, as well as three of the six honorable mentions. We also had one young artist show at the Young Arkansas Artists exhibit at the Little Rock Arts Center.

Young artists learn and practice the basic elements and principles of art, as well as thinking at the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. These young artists learn self discipline, along with time management skills. They learn life lessons about deadlines. They also delve into their inner selves and minds to seek the inspiration for the great art work results. These young artists offer exceptional insight and time to their endeavors, which results in the wonderful art that is shown in the VHS hallways, the state, and the nation’s capitol.

I am proud to be associated with these exceptional young adults.
— Sandy Ragland, VHS art teacher