• Welcome to the Vilonia school district ESOL webpage! We hope that this page will be a great resource for students, teachers, and our ESOL families. Our objective is to provide a relevant and rigorous education while meeting your students' needs both academically and socially. We strive to provide the best placement for your students and offer them support to succeed. Please visit the helpful links to resources provided on this page.

    Program Goals

    The Vilonia School District will provide a research-based ESOL program for students who are identified as English Learners. This program will enable:

    Acquisition of English language proficiency

     Academic achievement in English

    Program Objectives

    Students will attain full English proficiency, gaining one proficiency level each year, as measured by the English Language Development Assessment (ELPA21).

    Students will achieve grade-level academic performance as measured by Arkansas-mandated assessments.